Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Time for some retrospection

Guess who is the biggest culprit in the Indian cricket fiasco? Yes, it is the all poweful BCCI- Board of Callaous Cracks of India!!

An article (http://www.cricketnext.com/news/bcci-split-over-the-issue-of-coach/23992-13.html) in CNN IBN screams
"BCCI Vice-President Dayanand Narveka says its time for Rahul Dravid, Virender Sehwag and Sourav Ganguly to retire."

"They should think on their own. Retire before we throw them out. If Bangladesh can produce miracles with 18-year olds why have we not changed out team for the last two years? Look at people like Irfan Pathan? Why did we take him there and not make him play? That means we have no confidence in him. The same is true of Sreesanth. When did you plan to play him - after Super 8?" asks Navrekar.

Is it not offensive and insensitive? Has this gentleman done more to Indian cricket than any one of the names he has dropped by? Is it the way board official talks about his own team?

I would persume it as his fallacy or plain lack of enghlish speaking skills!!

Lets BCCI be scrapped. A new rule should be brought in where only those who have represented the country for atleast 50 matches can sit in the board of BCCI. Let them appoint a CEO to run BCCI if required. In that case BCCI would still be profitable but more importantly professional, responsible and accountable.

Lets bring the change from the top. SCRAP BCCI.

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